Yamaia’s Approach


Yamaia is a fashion industry entrepreneur who runs a multifaceted fashion and image empire. As a former model, fashion designer and image consultant, it is her aim to share her creativity, knowledge and experience with others.

A Dress/Suit Can Be Your Best Accessory


Yamaia’s Story


Yamaia’s Story

Yamaia was born in the USA but was raised in Hawaii and lived in various key markets Washington D.C. Florida, New York, Chicago, London, Milan & Dubai which provided her with a culturally diverse and exotic upbringing which not only shaped her creative and colour view, but prepared her for international success as a model,designer & entrepreneur.

Yamaia started modelling in fashion shows at just 17 when she was selected to become a Hawaiian Tropic model and to represent the island of Lanai. Since then she has built up an impressive portfolio of modelling commissions for agencies and fashion designers, initially in the USA for designers including Michael Costello and Versace.

Today Yamaia has expanded her operations into Europe, making Marbella the location for her design/lifestyle studio and her base. It is from here that she personally overseas every part of her business including couture design collections, organising YLUXX Brand Tours, providing expert fashion advice on TRE radio, individuals, business and a public speaker who is passionate about women/men empowerment & Creating UROwn Identity for your Life.


  • Fashiongyyrl CAFE joint venture Universal – Host/Concept developer
  • Home & Life Magazine Makeover – Image Consultant/Designer
  • BlackFashionweek Chicago IL – Designer/Industry Panellist
  • Lions Golf World Championship Tournament – Designer presentation
  • Swan’s College Career Day – Speaker
  • La Donnas Del Mundo, Art Project by Artenovum, Presentations – Writer/Presenter
  • Yamaia LUXX Showroom, Concept developer – Owner
  • YAMAIA presents YNOT Luxury Marbella Weekend
  • The Art of FASHION at Kasser Rassu – Presentation/Designer
  • Yamaia styling with Marbella Te Quiero
  • Fashiongyyrl in Mac Models & Casting – Instructor
  • YLUXX Showroom with ITWorks – Presenter
  • Yamaia at LUKS Marbella – Designer/Presenter
  • El libro de las 100 empresarias y profesionales más elegantes del mundo
  • Beautiful People Magazine – Guest designer/Speaker/Instructor
  • Millennium 2001 Fashion Expo in Tampa Florida with Ms. USA Kenya Moore
  • Project Runway designer Michael Costello in Los Angeles for the Michael Costello Collection
  • Commercial and print campaigns
  • Versace Miami private showing 2002
  • Chicago Fashion Week 2008
  • Shibuy Hada print campaign

Brands & Services

Yamaia has created a lifestyle brand that offers a range of different yet related services designed to provide you with the benefit of her extensive fashion/modelling & consulting career including fashion shows, and helping others to follow their dreams within the fashion industry and their everyday life.




My experience with yamaia was a short experience which was a two day photo shoot in which i learnt alot and for me it was great to have the oportunity and it was a fantastic experience!
Then there was a second time i thought i Would have the oportunity to work for her again and have another great experience..but i think my size was Maybe not right for what she was looking for, as she said she Would confirm.. so i imaginé i was not right for her Project.
Soo now i am working on my physic to have a more aceptable size!
So if Yamaia was to call me again and my size is what she is looking for i Would love to work with her again!
Holly Green UK
Hello 🙂 okay so at first, I was a bit awkward but then Yamaia made us dance. We
all loosened up and really got into it 🙂 I really liked how she made us feel when we
were walking. As if we were the stars of the show haha 🙂 overall I really enjoyed the
session with Yamaia and would definitely do it again as she had taught me a lot!
Cerys Kennedy from Gibraltar
GYYRL runway taught me really well and how to be so confident on the runway. I think Yamaia did extremely well and I totally recommend for any model to be part of it. My name is Lara Grace van Zante (LGVZ) I want to be a model and be able to travel around the world, I don’t mind which brands I would like to work with, I love every brand there is and I represent Holland and Spain all the way.
Lara Grace van Zante
GYYRL Runway was an amazing experience! It taught how to walk elegantly in heels and above all it taught me how to be more confident about myself. Yamaia is a fantastic teacher she not only provides a super fun atmosphere but she also knows what she is talking about. I would definitely recommend this session to any girls, it will definitely help you feel better about yourself and you will enjoy it! Also I love the music! Thank you so much Yamaia!
Ines Benkirane, Spain
When I signed up to mac models I was quite nervous, mostly because I struggle to be confident and boost my self esteem. However the day Yamaia came into the studio that all changed for me. She had so much positive energy that was rubbing off on me and the rest. The way she taught us how to walk, talk and just be ourselves, really made me feel so much better about myself. She really believed in us and that’s what motivated me even more to not care what others think when they’re looking at me and to just be myself and feel sexy and confident. I’m really glad I got to know her and glad she came to the studio on that day because after those long hours we all spent with her, I felt so much better about myself and felt like a real super model.
Mochelle Follitgner (Spanish / Danish)
The runway class of Yamaia’s that I went to was not only fun but also so informative. I left with all new levels of self confidence and feel more prepared for what I face entering the modelling world
Millie Sprenger, Marbella, Spain
Yamaia is a phenomenal, talented fashion professional. Her ability to captivate and share her fashion expertise was demonstrated via an event I created and hosted this year in February “Black Fashion Week USA” within the US. Yamaia shared with emerging fashion designers the branding tools needed for them to be successful in a highly competitive industry. I would recommend Yamaia for future speaking engagements surrounding fashion and women’s empowerment.
Melody Boykin- Experienced Fashion Professional, Visual Merchandising, PR, Marketing-Social Media Seeking New Opportunities
Yamaya is a power house: energetic, fun and creative being.
Marizete Da Silva, access Consciousness Certified Facilitator Coach Bossa yoga
Yamaia Faye,
Please give Ms. Yamaia a 5 star for her talent and gifts that she brought to us at Black Fashion Week USA. We had the privilege to be in her presence and learn from her colorful life of being a mother, business woman, model, designer, and lover of Christ. Yamaia interview with Melody Boykin touched my soul and now I know why being around like-minded people is key they bring out the best in you. I recommend this Yamaia, she is a top speaker and gets the energy going and she gives your something to chew on.
Audrey Woodley – Speaker, Co-Author, Radio Host and New Media
Yamaia Faye is an exceptional and highly skilled business and fashion consultant. We have hired her to develop a new fashion line for one of our clients and the results were superb. From concept to completion she developed the line the marketing plan and assisted with the launch and promotions. I would highly recommend Ms Yamaia ‘Fashiongyyrl’ Faye for your next project or development strategy for your brand.
Leonard Wright Jr - Teamworks Global Asia Limited Hong Kong
Just as we meet and network at various events, I met a beautiful young lady from Spain. I was very curious to know about her journey and modelling career. Yamaia was very excited and led our women’s event to discuss the beauty of being an international brand and business woman. Note, you have to be open to the spirit that God leads you. We all have spiritual talents, and we must be ready to shift or miss what God is calling us to do. Yamaia Faye, such a beautiful spirit and class act to follow.
Audrey Woodley
Excellent person, she does fantastic work!
Serban Tunde - Photographer at Photography 105
I learned so much today, how to act appropriately for shows and day to day life. I love it! Ms. Faye is a great teacher, she knows how teach. I think this will be a great career for me. I have confidence in me, to make it in one day!
Jessica B
Ms. Faye was challenging and relayed a lot of information in a short period of time. We learned some runway techniques, slating, and factual info. About modelling Ms Faye was honest about our personal improvement, but in a very helpful & fun way.
Sarah I
Excellent workshop! Practice auditioning techniques, Great experience! Ms FAYE was excellent as always….
Kimberlea D
We started off talking about who we are, after explaining to us about the different techniques of the fashion industry. She said “YOU CAN DO ANYTHING” she was very friendly, and if we had any problems with anything just ask her.
Weendy G.
This was the most difficult session to date! However she didn’t make us feel we couldn’t do it, she spoke about the dos and don’ts of the fashion industry. Criticism in a positive way was demonstrated. Ms. Faye is very direct, she give on target information. She is also complimentary, as well as a “BOOSTER” of confidence.
Elizabeth R.
Yamaia Faye was tough – this was great for my self-esteem, preparing me for the real world and its obstacles. I love her honesty!
Bonnie W, Florida
Personally I rather enjoyed this workshop! Ms. Faye’s attitude toward us was wonderful, I love how outgoing, truthful, and funny she is. I enjoyed it to the FULLEST!
Tamara G.
The speaker had a lot of patience with our questions, and was for informative. I look forward to attending more of her engagements.
Marie G.
Ms. Faye really stimulates our thoughts and props us to think and take action.
Carrie W.
We consider it a pleasure to be in the position to write this letter of recommendation for Yamaia.
It was a pleasure working with her at Marbella Luxury Weekend 2015. Yamaia delivered a lively, strong atmosphere and offered our staff from Marbella Event Academy a day to perform their skills as Bartenders, DJ´s and Makeup Artists on stage followed by Yamaia’s spectacular and fabulous fashion show. If you have the chance to work with Yamaia in the future, we highly recommend her energy and passion!
Shana & Sonny @ Marbella Event Academy

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