Learn how to ‘Create UROwn Identity’ with Yamaia

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If you have ever wondered how some women and men seem self-assured, confident and perfectly presented, read on. There is no mystery they simply understand the skills required to present themselves in the best possible light. As a result the also get the most out of their life and feel fabulous.

You can learn from empowerment speaker, international model and fashion designer Yamaia Faye how to Create UROwn Identity and to become an individual who instinctively knows how to look good and be confident in every situation.

To help you Create UROwn Identity’ Yamaia has devised as series of workshops and seminars designed to give you with all the necessary skills to enjoy life to the full and to succeed in your chosen career. You can learn about etiquette, body language, interview technique and how to present in front of the camera and audience. Gain an understanding of nutrition, exercise, make-up and wardrobe analysis, so that you can feel great from the inside out.

It doesn’t matter what stage of your life or career you are at as Yamaia’s courses include foundation and advanced level workshops.

Who should attend?

Any women/men and young ladies/boys who would like insights and understanding on how to not just look better, but be better! Anyone who would like to understand the importance of developing a strong inner spirit that will automatically bring forth the excellence in the outer beauty.

  • Women and men transitioning in life
  • Corporate men and women
  • People interested in international business protocol
  • Women and men who want to become the best version of themselves
  • Simple answer: Everyone!

How will you benefit from being part of the Yamaia’s Lifestyle community?

  • Develop a deeper understanding of what a woman/man in touch with her/his inner spirit stands for
  • Set proper goals and desires
  • Define your abilities and admit your weaknesses
  • Understand what your purpose in life really is
  • Learn how to deal with day- to- day crises, obstacles and opportunities

What will you learn?

  • How to encourage your wellness “gyyrl/boii time”
  • Learn how to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and succeed in life
  • Discover how to project a spiritual counsel with your day-to-day conduct
  • Learn what to wear and how to present your best personal style
  • Understand that your destiny has already been paved and discover hot to follow your path
  • Discover how spirituality, fashion and business go hand-in-hand to build a powerful life
  • What products to use for your personal day2day or business

Note: 95% of women believe that clothing, jewellery, nails, hairs and make-up makes them who they are. Even 90% models viewed on TV EITHER HAVE OR STARTED OUT WITH LOW SELF-ESTEEM. During this presentation, Yamaia Faye will address these beliefs and open your eyes to a positive self-image, both inside and out!

2016 Workshop Schedule
Starting in September – Standby for the announcements!

Advanced courses available on Saturdays and Sundays 15.00- 17.00
Contact Yamaia for dates, extra classes and consultations
Speciality workshops are available for groups min. 6 people
Individual 1 hour sessions are offered Mon-Thurs by appoinment only 11:30-18:00
Take the first step to being fabulous.
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Hello 🙂 Okay so at first, I was a bit awkward but then Yamaia made us dance. We all loosened up and really got into it 🙂 I really liked how she made us feel when we were walking. As if we were the stars of the show haha 🙂 overall I really enjoyed the session with Yamaia and would definitely do it again as she had taught me a lot!
Cerys Kennedy, Gibraltar