“In every man lies a BOII”

Our Community Platform:

FashionBOII is a community platform with the aim to promote, profile, and educate the generations of men, both young & mature. Promoting the profiles of businessmen, professors, doctors, activist, artist, singers, models, photographers, & talented individuals to collectively share their knowledge & passion. FashionBOII’s belief is that with-in every man lies a BOII, eager, determined, & full of drive, with the right direction & discipline, can & will empower himself & the world.

Our Sessions:

FashionBOII feels that men, young and mature, are often overlooked when it comes to self-confidence, insecurities, improving their image, and how to express their frustrations. FashionBOII wants to offer these sessions, that one will need to succeed in the industry of life and to project their best possible self.

  • Image consulting
  • Styling
  • Wardrobe Analysis
  • Personal projection
  • Social Manners & Etiquette
  • Public speaking
  • Self Confidence
  • Poise & Posture
  • Profile Projection (Photography)
  • Competition coaching
  • Grooming & styling
  • Goal setting & career strategy
  • Consciousness & Spirituality
  • Creating their Own Identity

Yamaia Faye, the creator of FashionBOII feels with your participation this platform will be effective to impact your lives & others.



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