“In every woman lies a GYYRL”

Fashiongyyrl is a comprehensive image consulting service aimed at ladies/women, covering all aspects of the fashion industry. Learn how to present yourself with authority by increasing your self-esteem, become more confident in front of the camera and as a public speaker, the importance of manners and etiquette in business and successful interview techniques. You can also learn about hair and makeup and high fashion wardrobe analysis, health and nutrition, wellness and spiritually in order to look and feel great.
Take advantage of Yamaia’s extensive knowledge and contacts within the fashion and modeling industry in the USA and Europe to prepare you for a career in the world of fashion.

We believe that educating, coaching and the illustration of positive influences will help women & young ladies discover & develop a sold foundation in these key areas:

  • Consciousness & Spirituality
  • Self- Esteem
  • Image Projecting
  • Career & Goal Setting
  • Public Speaking
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Hair & Make up
  • High-Fashion Runway Techniques
  • Photography
  • Manners & Etiquette

Creating Your Own Identity from the Inside-Out!

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GYYRL runway taught me really well and how to be so confident at the runway i think Yamaia did extremely well and i totally recommend for any model to be part of it. My name is Lara Grace van Zante (LGVZ) i want to be a model and be able to travel around the world, i dont mind which brands i would like to work with, i love every brad there is and i represent Holland and Spain all the way.
– LGVZ –


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